Watch The Shadows.  They live and as they breathe and expand; it is the sign of the Sacred Seal breaking down.  As it ruptures, shadow energies and chaos forces will flow free in the forms of creatures and demons.  Power hungry Immortals will try to conquer Earth’s Realm.

The Ascension, the Gods’ primordial scientists created the Sacred Seal, and engineered a fail-safe in the event of its corrosion.  A Key is needed to activate the fail-safe; The Ascension Equation. The time has come for it to be assigned to a mystic warrior..

A young activist learns that his Ancestors were chosen mystic warriors.  Now, he’s gifted The ZiAnkhi, an ascension equation and now he has the  power to defend Earth against chaos. The tipping point begins with Chicago and he’s not going to let that happen.  So he trains to unlock his True Potential and become the Urban Mage.

The journey begins here, click the link > > The Coming Of Mage

40 thoughts on “Synopsis

  1. Congratulations on your webpage Ced.
    I’m humbled and honored to have GlyphX to be a part of the StarFall story.

  2. Love what the story is about. It seems to have endless possibilities. I love the art so far also. U know I will be watching u.

    1. I appreciate your kind words! I want to create a great visual storytelling experience that can expand across mediums.

  3. I Am Excited To See What Depths This Character Shall Portray, In An Untapped World. It Is Encouraging To Behold US In High Quality Formers, Outside The Perscribe Tropes. This One May Very Well Be The Portal, Into What We All Deserve

    1. Wow. Thank you and much respect. I am sincerely trying to do just what you expressed; small steps towards the bigger goal.

  4. Excellent Character design and Concept! ONYXCON looks forward to seeing you present this at a fiture event in ATLANTA, GA! We wish you continued success!

  5. Site looks good. Real easy to navigate. Premise of the the story is intriguing. Looking forward to reading it!

    1. Peace, Glenn! Thank you. I really wanted it to be easy to navigate so visitors and readers can read and enjoy what they find. I look forward to your project as well. Salute!

  6. Excellent! I love the ascension equation concept, as opposed to the witch in the dark web, an intriguing pairing of mysticism and futurism, curious to read the ensuing adventure!

    1. Peace, Thank you, Derrick. I am working hard to bring some unique twists and ideas to make GlyphX’s life difficult. I can’t wait for your project as well.

  7. This is beyond extraordinary my brother! The site is easy to navigate and well designed. The character piques my interest greatly. I’m in awe with your ability to extract from our African mythology to create a concept that rivals any European counterpart with originality and finesse. I’m excited to be on hand to witness what occurs next!

    1. Peace and thank you! I am excited to read your words. I am working hard to deliver a character and stories that will make an impression, of some kind, on everyone who reads the book. Your work, as well as many others, are inspirations to creating a unique character. Hopefully, mine can sit upon the pantheon of literary heroes, as well.

  8. Love the character design, cool concept story. Cant wait to see it unfold. Out of this world vision, love the The Word “Ascension equation” gives it that unique extra ordinary kick to the story. The way you broke down the plot shows extreme intelligence. Mouth watering…

    1. Peace. Thank you. I’m happy you like it so far. I’m working hard to build on yours, and everyone’s positive feedback. I’m excited!

  9. Pretty cool interesting story and that character look badass that cover art is wicked????100%

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