I’ve been busy writing, editing and planning. More web-comic pages are coming soon via Abdul H. Rashid/AHR Visions LLC ! Also, I have a few more beta-readers finishing up GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE | The Coming Of Mage novella; I am very excited about that. But in the meantime, here is some new art of GlyphX The Urban Mage by Walt Barna. I became familiar with his work via online and a few projects he’s done for Xmoor Studios. Hopefully, we do some work together in the future. Check out the art, his bio and information.

Walt Barna is a self taught freelance illustrator specializing in comics, cover art and children’s books. He has had a love for drawing since he was young that started with reading comics and watching Saturday morning cartoons. He enjoys drawing and painting all kinds of fantasy and science fiction related stories and is influenced by just about anything.

Walt-Barna Website

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