Divine Aspects

Spirit Beings by of Astral or Nature that exhibit traits or perform duties according to divine order or destiny.

WeYe (Weret-Hekau/Great of Magic) the Diviner/ Spirit Of Trees
Race: – Nubian Primordial Aspect – Spirit Of Trees
High Priestess of Soulcery Temple & Healing Center / Seers & Teacher
Base: Chicago, Il & Earth’s Realmscape
Skin: Brown Height: 6’1 Weight: 200lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Long gray/brown shoulder length dreadlocks.

Origin: A direct disciple of the House of Maat, an Ancient GodSystem based sect whose number was few and location unknown. Trained by the Elders of her Tribe in Africa, WeYe’s history and experience blossomed somewhere in the deep, unmolested jungles of Africa. Her whereabouts became public in the mid 70’s in Chicago where she joined a loose knit group of Elders as they set up operations to assist WeYe’s old apprentice & friend, Old Man Slim who she hadn’t seen in centuries.

Amandla (Elemental Mana (Nature Power) – Ability to tap into Earth Inert energy (Mana) to gain strength for healing/conjuring, redirect Mana in the form of energy shields. In addition to:
Reckoning – Intuitive understanding of the flow of nature and the complex spiritual dichotomies that exist in Earth’s Realm; ancient spiritual wars, the combatants and even their history. She shares what he knows to the extent of how much a person’s level of understanding, which she can sense and measure. This also lends itself to soothsaying allowing WeYe to see flashes of linkages between individuals and other people. Ascertaining of emotional responses & their meaning deeper before the person can even acknowledge. “The truth is like roots, sometimes you have to dig deep to understand how where it begins and where it ends.”
Astral Realm Projection – WeYe is able to send her Spiritual Self into the Ancestral Realm and from there peer through space/time windows to observe other realms. While there she can pull her physical body through (teleport) to another location. However, to project leaves her physical body weaker in power to defend herself. Also, to Astral Teleport requires a great deal of energy and after doing so, she will be unable to do for years.
Terrestrial Portals— Ability to travel through solid earth without disrupting the greater collapsible integrity of the mass. In these portal tunnels, she can allow mortals to move through with breathable conditions for short time periods. This causes a mild strain on her that has increased throughout her life; therefore she rarely attempts the feat unless absolutely necessary.
Limited Omni-Sense: Shares Omniscent traits with Cosmic/Mystics, Cozmystics. Advanced Cosmic Beings with complete origins shrouded from themselves.
Empathy: Ability to ascertain the weakness / potential of a person, enabling him to properly direct and increase their learning capability. This makes her an adept teacher/mentor to the Nubian/Blessed.

Weapon:  A staff that is highly sensitive to negative energy, it can discharge a repulsive energy when in contact with a demon; therefore she has trained herself to use it as a Bow Staff for fighting.

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