Story Synopsis

Watch The Shadows. As they breathe and expand; it is the sign of the Sacred Seal breaking down. As it ruptures, evil energies of chaos will flow free in the forms of creatures and demonic forces. Those inclined, seek to use the chaos forces to conquer Earth’s Realm.

The Ascension, the Gods’ primordial scientists created the Sacred Seal, and in the event of its demise; a failsafe was engineered to prevent its corrosion. To activate the failsafe, there will need to be a Key. The Ascension Equation. The time has come for it to be assigned to a mystic warrior..

A young activist learns that his Ancestors were mystic warriors. Now, he’s gifted immense power to defend Earth against Evil that seek to control Earth’s Realm. This begins with Chicago and he’s not going to let that happen. So he trains to unlock his True Potential and become the Urban Mage.